Day 9: Passing through the Darkest Hour


I took the photo above on my trip to Bali last August 2013. My best friend and I purposely went to see the sunrise. Out of excitement, we went too early. And surprisingly, the night seemed so dark. Very dark.

Looking back at that photo, I remember one verse from Psalm 84:6 – passing through the valley of weeping, you will find pools of blessings.

As Joel Osteen (2009, p. 154 – 155) said:
” … during a hurricane when the palm tree is being bent and pushed over, its root system is actually strengthened by the stress, which give it new opportunities for growth … When you get knocked down, don’t stay down. Get up to fight another day. Disappointments hit. Disruptions happen. But pity parties are not the answer. God has promised that what was meant to harm you, He will use for your good.”

Despite your circumstances today, I would like to send you a greeting from my tropical home country.
Have a nice day!

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