Day 16: Children Need Tap and Pat


Happy 1st birthday, E!
Today is my nephew’s first birthday and he is a happy kid.

During the first years, children are craving of explorations. They want to know everything – therefore they touch, smell, bite, look and feel everything around them. Same thing happen to my nephew as well. He loves ‘helping’ the adults in the house – making mess, licking everything and laughing with us.

The rule of the house is ‘No Tab or Pad on weekdays’ and that’s applicable for his older sister. Since very young, we gave her dolls, toys, some real cooking set (smaller size) and doing gardening with my mom. We are happy with the result and wishing to do the same thing with my nephew.

We give him toys, dolls (yes! His favorite is a big brown dog named Brownie), cars and trains, and musical toys. We also shower him with a lot of taps and pats – not tab and pad!

It is a choice that we can always make wisely. Too many examples of children losing their awareness of surroundings due to excessive amounts of playing game or watching movie in their tabs and pads.

PS: An interesting article to read on how using Pad or Tab is causing developmental delay on children here.

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