Day 17: Why Did God Let Bad Thing Happen?


Picture of Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Perth, Western Australia – May 2012.

I had a chat with my relative just now. She asked me, “Why God let my Grandma be forsaken by her children? She never fails to pray every day and she devoted her life for ministry”.

Familiar with such question?

Local TV news (Indonesia) broadcast numbers of natural disasters these past few days. Eruption in North Sumatra, flooding in Jakarta and Manado, and the casualties of those disasters.

So why did God let bad things happen? Didn’t He has all the mighty power to make goodness happen and end the bad things for us?

An answer from a Levite might caught you by surprise (it happened with me!):
“God is all powerful. If He limited Himself to doing only that which we call good, we could not call Him the Almighty; He would command only one part of the universe, and there would exist someone more powerful than He, watching and judging His acts … “
(Paulo Coelho – The Fifth Mountain p. 6).

What do you think?

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