Day 21: First Day Back to Work


I’m back to work today!
I’m back on wheel today!

I love driving – especially in a quiet road with some blaring music. And this morning, I got my car back and I drove again after being a cranky baby for a month. I quit driving just before Christmas due to my weak pregnancy. And after miscarriage, I wasn’t allowed to drive. The sensation was … priceless.

I also back to work today. Seeing client was an effort for me. Not because of the client. But because of my mindset. I was afraid – what if I can’t do my work well after taking sick leave for a month. But … It went very well! Seeing my client went home with big smile on his face was … priceless.

Work is about living your passion. It is not merely about the money – but about living a life. I wish you can find your passion and live it!

Have a good day!

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