Day 27: Buy Me Happiness


I teach a class of Psychology Well-Being and one important thing drawn by research is that happiness is NOT related with money. Any questions?

Yes. Money can buy many things. But it certainly won’t buy you happiness. It can helps you to be happier, after buying stuff that you love, but still, it won’t buy you happiness.

Sadly, there are a lot of people who would drawn their principle on money. A lot of them. Some are working so hard and slave themselves for money. Some are selling their souls for money. While some would believe in ‘white lie’ in the name of money. Too many examples to name.

One thing I am glad is that I have living models on how to view money and its use. My parents. We use to live poor and facing hard times. I was super excited when my Dad finally agree to buy me a new bag, that cost him 0.75¢ when I was at Primary 6. I never bought new bag, because my Aunt would give me and my brothers new bags for our birthday. So, we don’t need to buy any at the start of the school year.

From that experience, I learned that money will make you able to buy stuff, but certainly not happiness, nor trust. If anyone want to buy me happiness, just be yourself and we can build trust. I will be happy by then.

Have a good day!

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