Day 28: Sleepy Head and Princess


Today is the first day I start my class. I’m invited to be a guest lecturer for this semester by one new campus in Surabaya. The photo above was the quiet road heading to the University. Lovely view, isn’t it? I love outdoors and wishing to have all my meals outdoor in good weather!

They do have good view and sophisticated campus, but I’m interested to dig deeper into the quality of their students. I know it is still too early to tell, but you can actually see how your class will be for the rest of the semester.

One thing for sure is the active participation. They didn’t take their time to be shy and anxious to ask – as you know, that’s one important trait to understand about Indonesian students. They asked questions, give examples, actively involved in discussion. But like any other classes, there was one student who didn’t even bother to sit straight and bring his note. He was sitting in the first row, looking sleepy and yes, almost fell asleep in the middle of the process. There was one girl who gave a lot of effort in doing her make up and hiding on the back seat. She was busy with her gadget and didn’t even notice me. I told you, she was busy.

To sum up, it was a good process in the class. I hope this is going to be the weather in the class for this semester.

Have a good day!

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