Day 30: Don’t Worry, Be Stupid


I read that tagline on a T-shirt this morning. The picture accompanied that tagline was Oddie from Garfield comic. If you are familiar with Oddie, you know that he is a sincere friend to Garfield even though that (not-so) fat cat always tease Oddie.

I was a kind of people who would think and analyze of what others said about me. Until one day, I made a deal to myself that such strategy won’t work for me any longer. I chose to be ignorant. And wishing that it was a bliss.

Turns out, it is. I trained myself to be ‘stupid’ and being less worry when it comes to gossips and ‘what I heard’ drama. It is better to spend time reading books or watching DVD, then listen to such classical stories made by others.

Gossip is always contagious and luring. The spices always up from one person to another. And as we know, the end story changes every time. It is not a lie for them, it is just a talk over coffee.

What if myself is the topic of those gossips? Oh, I have been there many times. One time I was so angry to the source of the made-up story, I couldn’t help myself but dream of me getting angry and throwing his stuff. I woke up, feeling funny – in between angry, ashamed and relieved. From then on, I knew that gossip was no longer a friend to me. I’m done. I chose to be stupid and enjoying my life.

Have a good day!
Life is good when you fill it with goodness.

2 thoughts on “Day 30: Don’t Worry, Be Stupid

  1. Oh mam.. This article is cutee.. Hahaha.. Idk that’s because the photo or the story.. Is it that simple to be stupid? It’s hard to me,you know,analyze thing is like automatic system in my brain.. When I imagine myself being stupid,it feels like I repress it or deny it.. Idk.. What do you think?

    • It is always a choice that you can make, Frans. It is not easy for me too – but with some strong reasons, I made my choice. Sometimes, my automatic response is also to analyze. But (again) we can choose to stop afterward. It is easier for me to be stupid now.

      Thanks for the appreciation for the article , or the photo šŸ™‚

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