Day 32: Walk Away, Be Sober and Talk


Today I delivered a training to number of university students. In one session we did a small screening in their stress level. One participant then found out that her score scale is at the highest category. She was about to cry while she explained to me about her condition. She said that she couldn’t get away from the pressure and felt so stressed out.

Being under chronic stress is like living a life of Zombie. One may wake up every morning, but without any hopeful thoughts of what life may brings. She can no longer find the meaning of life and the upcoming events.

One important thing that we can do is to walk away from the problem. Make some distance, but don’t stray too far. The distance we make can serve as a media to be sober of the problem and to think through it. Then, we can talk.

It won’t be as easy as it seems. But we can ways give it another try (and another, if we fail).

I’m grateful for being able to wake up this morning (with stiff neck) and doing my best in this training.

Have a good day!

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