Day 33: Being Strong is Not A Gift


Photo courtesy of my dear husband.

These past few months, almost everywhere around the world is experiencing natural disaster. Just name it, extreme weather, flooding, earthquake or typhoon.

My Dad and I were watching TV and he suddenly asked me, “How can they survive?” My answer was spontaneous, “You have no idea of how strong these people are.”

After a while, I reflected on my own answer and I realized that being strong isn’t a gift – it is a learned skill. I believe all of us have experienced being at the bottom level of our life – at the darkest hour of our day. But not all of us choose to learn from that lesson. Some of us, with disproportion external attribution will always find ways to blame others or situation. They wish by pointing their fingers out, the problem will be fixed by others.

The strength that we gain from each lesson will end that cycle of learning and empower us to welcome the next cycle. The funny thing about problem is that they never solved by themselves! Sleep over your trouble will never solve anything.

So, if we now know that being strong is not a gift, we can actually learn to be strong. Isn’t it good?

Have a good weekend!

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