Day 34: I am 65 and I Have Enough


No, no. I’m not that old. But I weight 65 kg. The highest number of my life and I don’t feel good about that. I gained much during my pregnancy and haven’t lost any since my miscarriage. I guess this is the time to start over.

Changes always hurtful. But the end result might surprise us. Today is the first day of my commitment to eat healthy foods – less fat and more intake of fruits, veggies and necessary ingredients. The above photo was my breakfast and my lunch.

For breakfast, I had two whole wheat toasts, Vegemite, peanut butter and sliced banana. For snacks, I had oranges! Love it. While for lunch, I had a box of yams. Mixed between yellow and orange yams.

This yam diet was started as something fun. Until last night when I found out that yam is the healthiest food for diet! Therefore, I decided to train my body by replacing white rice with yams. I also followed numbers of instagram accounts which promote healthy lifestyle and good food. I need to be healthier before my next pregnancy and for my future.

Now, what’s for dinner?
Let me think on my way home.

Have a good and healthy lifestyle!

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