Day 35: The 20/20 Experience


I just had a cup of thick chocolate with a good friend of mine in a new cafe nearby. We talked a lot about life, her teaching experiences, my marriage life and our same likeness in reading.

While I sipped on my hot chocolate, I realized that our life is about living to the fullest. No matter what profession that we have, no matter what age we are now and no matter where you are now – we can always choose to have a 20/20 experience of life. Live your life fully.

A cup full of chocolate with two marshmallows is always tempting. And that’s the same thing with outside appearance. But looking at the full cup is not a full experience of enjoying chocolate. It is just the beginning. If we choose to stay outside the line of the game – then we will be left out every time. While, for those who step inside, they will have the chance of living a life to the fullest – having their 20/20 experience.

I am blessed for having those people around me and for being in many places. Meeting with different people and learn to understand life from different perspectives is priceless for me. Those are my teachers … My mentor.

Have a good day!

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