Day 37: Auf Wiedersehen, Little Angel


On my bible study class, I sat with one beautiful lady. We chatted a bit about bible study, what are we doing in daily life and the reason of going for this class. She told me that the main reason of her going to this class is to make peace with the fact that her little angel passed away.

She has two children, a 16 year-old son and a 10 year-old daughter. Two years ago, for no apparent reasons, she felt sad and depressed for 5 months. She tried everything in order to understand her condition, but she couldn’t find any clue. Until one day, her daughter suddenly passed away after her swimming lesson. Her daughter looked fine in the morning and reminded her Father to bring her birth certificate because she wanted to open her own bank account with ATM card. And her Father did. Later on that day, her father brought her birth certificate for registration of her death certificate.

After that day, this young mom realized how God has prepared her to welcome this sad moment. Her sadness and depression came to an end on the day her daughter died. She saw an image in the sky which looked like a little girl kneeling and praying. And that image looked much alike her daughter.

Everything and everyone in our lives can stop or die or gone within second. And that’s the reason why God gives us times on earth to love fully, feel fully and live fully. Say those unsaid words, hug your loved ones and pray for them. We just never know. We will never know.

Have a good day!

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