Day 38: Let’s Whine a While


This blog was made to assist me to be grateful for my daily life. But, honestly, sometimes my need to whine is big.

Sometimes I wish for a better life, a clearer sky, a fun-with-no-problem career, a smoother relationship, an attentive ear to listen to me and more and more.

I believe you all experience the same situation as well – sometimes. It is not easy to be grateful, especially when God or the Big Guy doesn’t really give us what we want. He doesn’t really amaze us with His miracle anymore.

But … This morning I read a tagline from Joel Osteen ministry that said:
“Negative thoughts come to every person. Don’t verbalize them. Be positive … Or be Quiet!”

It is always our choice to whine up, or to be quiet and learn to be grateful. I learn to be grateful and shut my mouth when I feel the urge to whine or to snap back at others. God bless me and y’all!

Have a good day!

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