Day 40: Yawn! Some Hard Lesson on Sunday Mass?


Sunday is a rest day for me – it ain’t a rush day. With that thought in mind, I have to admit that I prefer an afternoon mass, instead of morning Sunday mass.

Like today, we went for 0630am mass and we were late for 5 minutes. As I arrived, my thought went to what the preacher shared with us on my Thursday’s Bible class. He said that Catholic people adore their own god – the Catholic god.

The Catholic god is the way we treat others during mass. It is familiar in Indonesia to ‘book seats’ in the Church. One family member or friend will come earlier to book a row of seats – so they will seat together during the mass. If other people want to seat on that special row, the booker will tell them that the row is full. Yes, it happens.

The other god is our reaction during collection time. When the bag or box of collection is coming closer, some people will act to pray seriously and miss their turn. Yes, it also happens.

Or, come to mass late. Like I did! I feel bad because the whole celebration of a mass isn’t just at the Eucharist, but started from the opening song til the closing.

Well, even though I was late – I learned some lessons from the homily. It said that the Eucharist will be meaningless if we act un-Christ-like, including by worshipping the gods I mentioned above.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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