Day 42: Embracing the Big Wave


“I don’t need easy, I just need possible”

I just watched Soul Surfer for the second time. It is a movie about Bethany Hamilton, a Hawaiian surfer who lost her left arm due to shark bite. Since knowing her story, I am a big fan of her now.

The subtitle above came from one scene in a movie – when Bethany chose a new surf board that applicable to her condition post-surgery. Her dad told her that she needed to choose new surf board to make her surf easy. Her response was deep.

Sometimes in life, it is hard to get a clear perspective when we deal with high wave. Everywhere we go, we see water. Everywhere we look around, we feel helpless. The wave is just too big, we told ourselves. The water is just too much, we told ourselves again.

Staying under a big wave seems easier to do, instead of crawling our way out. Yes, crawling out needs a lot of effort. It takes energy and motivation. And sometimes, the end result still brings us nowhere.

But hey! If a Bethany Hamilton can get herself back to surf board and live her life, why can’t we? We don’t need something easy – we just need to believe that God has make it possible for us to bear this life and move on. Our choice is to dance above to wave – or stay under it.

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