Day 43: Let Me Entertain You


Photo was taken from my blog

Being a psychologist is awesome! I need to be able to listen, make conclusion, plan intervention and entertain clients. Yes, one of my job description is to entertain my clients.

Adult clients and parents of my young clients have their own hypothesis regarding their condition. And when they visit me or other psychologists, they expect to have an affirmation.

Few days ago I met one young mother with her 5 year-old son. She said that her son has speech delay and communication problems. When I did the interview and observation toward the child, I found out that he is a TV child – one who’s watching TV too much and learn a lot of vocabularies, but there’s no expressive language learned. I spoke to his mother and she was offended by saying that her son is smart. But thank God, by the end of the session she was willing to understand the damage of too much TV on her son.

Oh well, what a day!
Even though I love my job, sometimes I want to switch career – as a writer, singer or magazine editor. I need your prayer for this consideration.

Have a good day!

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