Day 44: Missing You, Baby


These past few days have been hard for me. I’m feeling exhausted as my work load and consultations are piling up. I’m not complaining, but it is my true feeling lately. And due to my usual way of thinking at work, I tried to analyze myself and I realize that I miss my baby. I wish I have my baby to share my life with.

The experience of miscarriage brought me back to a story told by Bo Sanchez, a Catholic preacher from the Philippines. Almost 10 years ago I went to his session and he shared his own story of losing his first child. He remembered the night when he heard his wife screamed from the bathroom and he saw his baby on the floor. He baptised his baby and name him ‘Angel’.

Every Thursday I go to a bible class and today’s topic was about being faithful. One example from the bible was Abraham. I learned that we might not understand the big plan of God. But if we believe in His love and care upon us, we will see the bright light at the end of this tunnel. Like Abraham who finally bear his own son, Isaac. Or Bo Sanchez who is blessed with his kids and ministry.

And as for me, I will just pray for my baby M to rest in peace. I believe that I’m living in a overflow.

Have a good day!

Oh, I’m living in the overflow
Oh expect the supernatural
Oh I’m living in the overflow
I’m ready for a miracle
For You my God are more than enough

I’m blessed, I’m blessed
Blessed to be a blessing
I’m blessed, I’m blessed
Living in an overflow
(More Than Enough – Israel & New Breed)

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