Day 45: Happy Valentine’s Day!


To all of you – happy Valentine’s day! May you find love as something special. Not just for today, but everyday of your life.

So what’s the menu today?
I’m posting a lot of photos today as my way to be grateful for those special ones in my life. Through thick and thin, I always have my family and friends to support me. Both of my parents, my twin brothers, my sister-in-law who turns out to be closer to me compare to my own brother, and a set of niece and nephew (the third one is on the way!)

I also have my friends who surround me with their love, thoughts and support. Throughout the years, I never walk alone.


I love traveling and meeting with new people all around the world. My traveling list is still short now, but I will certainly make it longer. And now, wherever I go – I know that I will meet my friends there.

And as meeting new people is exciting, it is also exciting to meet Bruce Lee – no no, I mean my husband LOL! Does he look like Bruce Lee though?


May God bless you and your loved ones with love – especially for the victims of Mt Kelud eruption in Kediri, East Java. I’m off now while enjoying two chocolate bars from my university students. They love me that much! Sweet.


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