Day 47: What’s Your Perspective?


Today as I prepared breakfast, I was recalling a line from Catherine Willows, a character from CSI Las Vegas. In one closing scene, she said that no matter what life we have – if you see it under a microscope, it will look ugly. And to prove that, I took photo of my breakfast from two different angle.

The way we see our lives and surroundings depend on the glasses that we wear. Normal glass will help us to see things clearly and normally. But wearing a close-up glasses will enlarge our view – bad thing will be worse, small issue will become bigger and unimportant gossip will seem urgent in an instant. On the other hand, wearing a minimizing glasses will scale down our view. Every important decision can be seem unimportant and we tend to delay our decision making process.

So, what glasses are you wearing today? I choose a glass of happiness – despite my circumstances, because it is a choice that I make. I might be struggling daily, but it will worth the effort.

Have a happy Sunday!

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