Day 48: Have A Cup of Tea With Me



As I write this post, I am sipping my first cup of tea for today. For me, tea is truly a stress-cast-away, a friend at any given time and a must to have every evening. After a long day of working – all I need is a cup of hot tea and a lot of hugs. Like today, I have 4 appointments of counseling and so far, one cancelled due to sickness and one did not come without advanced notice. I also have to finish 17-page of translation which is due on Thursday. I have to admit, I am tired.

After one session, one cancelled appointment, and one page of translation, I drove to the hospital where I work. The morning session was held in another private clinic. All along, I was telling myself that I needed a break. I want to go for massage and cuddle with both of my niece and nephew (oh, my husband too!). But after I arrived at the hospital, somehow my mood was changed. I got a text from my sick client and decided to have a snack and … a cup of tea. Now, I am feeling way better.

I hope you all have a good day. I have to continue my work while waiting for the next appointment.

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