Day 50: Lessons Learned Over Tea



Last night I had a chat with a friend. We met for formal meeting and now we are lecturing at the same University. We were discussing about our daily life, Catholicism, our plan to do PhD, plan to have children and marriage – and yes, we were discussing over a cup of tea. What caught me at first was the sign hung on the wall. The photo above was one sign hung across my seat. And since we were talking about marriage – I thought that sign would be perfect.

Both of us are dealing with the same issue of planning our future ahead. We have big passion to pursue our PhD – but then we need to think of our husbands and future offspring. For me, doing PhD will be a dream comes true, since I have been wanting to do it for so long. My love for learning has brought me to many places and meet a lot of people. But I also love my husband – as well as my friend does.

We will pray over those important decisions and will check on each other. I am grateful for a friend that God sends for me.

Have a good day!

3 thoughts on “Day 50: Lessons Learned Over Tea

  1. It’s great you are thinking of everything this is going to have affects on, however always realize that life is so short and never might be the opportune time. If your marriage is strong, your support system is strong and you believe….everything will work out!

    • Hi Sarah, thanks for the encouragement. I certainly need some affirmation. You nailed it, that I have a good social support and the only barrier I have is my own mind. May everything will work out well for you as well. Love your photos on your blog! Will read more

      • Awe! You are much to kind! Thank you 🙂 Don’t forget anything that you said above. You’ve got this! I cannot wait to see it unfold for you (In a great way)!

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