Day 51: I Knew I Was Right



I knew that I was right! After a long day yesterday, I found a connection of 3 events happened.

First, I taught a class of Psychology Well-Being in the morning, and I talked about one of the 6 contours of Well-Being defined by Ryff (1989): Autonomy – in which self-actualization was an important point. I knew that this is the time for me to bloom and spring. I know it sounds a little dramatic, but I couldn’t find another perfect time, than now. I believe this thought is related with my discussion with my colleague the other day.

Second, I was doing a translation work on a Christian leadership book. So, while I was reading it through, there was one interesting point that hit me quite hard: “… vision helps to ensure that the main thing remains the main thing. It is easy to fall prey to doing the urgent, but not the important. Without vision setting the agenda, everything starts to seem pressing. We put out one fire after another but deny ourselves the time to reflect and ascertain if we are doing what is genuinely important.” (Harris, B. The Tortoise Usually Wins, 2013). I have to admit that I am easily falling into the trap of being busy – without certain vision and clear end results!

Third, my old friend called me while I was preparing dinner. He made a big decision a few years back when he left his work in a big National company to accompany his Mom at his hometown. I knew that he sacrificed a lot out of love – but I was afraid of the need of achievement that he hid. Finally, last night he blurted it out! He said that he needed to have a better life – in terms of financial and career path, though of course, he did not regret the moments he spent with his mom for the past 4 years.

Oh well, it seems that the drive of achieve big and accomplish a lot is still inside of me. If I am looking for the sign to go bigger than now, then it is the time.

Have a good day, everyone! May you dream big – so you can achieve big!

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