Day 53: Long Lasting Friendship


My mom and her friends from Junior High

Earlier today I had a brunch with one old friend. We talked over dim sum for 1.5 hour – and that was including tears from her side, stories from both of us and some lessons learned. We met on 2007 in a formation of a new Charismatic Catholic Youth group. Since then, we are close to each other even though I am no longer staying in my hometown.

Some friendships last for a day. Other stay for months or short number of years. Only a few can lasts a lifetime. When I accompanied my mom for her friend’s son’s wedding, I saw about 10-15 of her classmates and they still in touch with each other. Yes, they don’t really see each other much – but they keep in touch, so my Mom will know what happen to her friends. Sometimes they visit each other or have a school reunion. Not all of her classmates are still in touch. And that’s the natural elimination of friendships.

Me, myself, build a lot of friendships over 33 years of my life, but only a few stays for more than 20 years. I am glad for the facts that we can keep in touch. We are now living at many different places – but we are close at heart. And that is the most important thing.

“A best friend is a person who knows how crazy you are, but still chooses to be seen in public with you” (Unknown)


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