Day 56: The Power of Decision Making


One friend asked me one time on the reasons why we have to make decisions. She hates the truth that she has to make decision on daily basis. I see her as my younger sister, so I told her that decision making is a necessity to make. From the easy ones – what to eat or cook today, what to wear, what movie to watch – to the hard ones, such as: which job offers to take, which man to marry or which house to buy.

Decision making is easy when we have to choose one out of two decisions – in which the other one is obviously a bad choice. But decision making is not an easy process if we have to choose one out of two good choices, or both are bad choices. If we give our effort to make a choice – “… therein lies his strength; the power if his decision …” (Paulo Coelho – The Fifth Mountain).

Start small in making your decision and train yourself to bear the big decision making process.

Have a good day!

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