Day 59: How Do You End Your Day?

Sunset at Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia


Everyone of us wants to end our day with something good in mind. But in reality, we have to face unkindness or not-so-nice treatments from others. Then what should we do?

I learn to filter out unnecessary stimulus or events – and just accept the facts that they happened. I learn not to let my emotional state be affected mostly by those kind of stimulus. This afternoon, when I handed my parking ticket to the security guard, I realized one thing. This particular security guard always on duty when I come to the University to teach – Tuesday and Friday. Whenever I drive in, he always hand me the parking ticket and greet me cheerfully, “Good morning, Mam”. Then when I drive out, he will take my parking ticket, smiling to me and say, “Ah, you’re done with your class. Have a safe trip home, Mam.”

What else to make my day? I can get rid of those so-called negative events glued to my day (by fate) and choose to end my day by remembering the warm greeting and the smile from someone I don’t know personally. He made my day!

Have a good day!

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