Day 61: The Three Wishes

Schoenstatt Shrine, Perth, Western Australia


As I browsed through folders of pictures, I stumbled into this photo of me standing at the door of Schoenstatt Shrine at Perth, Western Australia. One best friend brought me there, especially because she -herself- experienced the miraculous work of God after praying in the chapel. Wait, do not get it wrong. We didn’t go there for the miracles – but to experience the love of God.

I have a special interest to attend traditional and unique chapels. Being inside a quiet chapel is like capturing the moment of being with God intimately. That’s love for me.

So, when I kneeled at Schoenstatt Shrine, I was praying over my 3 wishes: to be able to live in Australia for good, with my husband and future kids, and having a good quality of life here. Sounds cheesy? Too much for God? Oh well, I prayed with all my heart. I always believe that we – as His children – can always talk to Him on everything. I did my part of telling Him and doing my best – up until now. Beside that, He has the best plan on my life. I have faith in Him.

Have a good day!

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