Day 64: Welcoming Lent

Statue of Mother Mary and Jesus, Perth, Western Australia


Today we are welcoming Lent. Ash Wednesday is the first day of our waiting period for 40 days. Henry Nouwen wrote, “… waiting is a dry desert between where we are and where we want to be” (Finding My Way Home, p. 10). For most of us, Lent is a darker waiting period compare to Advent. Therefore, the way we welcome Easter is also different than Christmas. For me personally, I have this fear of comparing my sins and unfaithfulness to His love for me (which, of course not compatible for any comparison). Just as Nouwen said: “… waiting is even more difficult because we are so fearful. One of the most pervasive emotions in the atmosphere around us is fear … how hard it is to wait and how tempting it is to act … The more afraid we are, the harder waiting becomes.” (p. 75). 

But all this waiting worth the effort?

YES. Our present life is not a mere accident, it is based on His plan – including our waiting period. “Waiting is never a movement from nothing to something. It is always a movement from something to something more” (p.77). We can learn from the stories of Elizabeth, Zechariah, Mother Mary and Anna. They are the representatives of those who wait patiently and attentively. They live in a hope of His love.

Let’s wait with our faith facing toward His love. Let’s wait with the hope of being in love with Him again. I pray that we all have a good start today – as Lent is started.

May God bless you! And have a good day.



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