Day 65: Have You Found Your Best Friend?



To answer the question above, I would say that I have!

Along the years, we changed schools, workplaces, communities and other commute places that we might jump in. During those stays, we met different people, engaged with them and end up building a long-lasting relationships with some of them.

My story is just the same. During my study years, I met one best friend that stays with me during thick and thin. The photo above was my birthday gift – it came late, but the intention was amazing. My best friend said that he had to spend times to find my ‘favorite perfume’. I was startled when I opened this gift box – because I never told him about my favorite perfume and his gift was certainly not my favorite perfume. And then, we were arguing. He said that he over heard me looking for that perfume – in which I never did. But, knowing his sincere intention and how hard it was for him to find the gift, I couldn’t ask for more.

My friendship taught me that we didn’t always agree on everything. We might get the message wrong, we argued, we fought and end up not talking for days. He might give me the (Un)favorite gift, but I have to admire his sincerity. I might commented at him sarcastically, but he would always understand me.

We all need best friends – people who will walk with us, no matter how crazy we might be.

Have a good day!

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