Day 66: Pursuit of Your Study


Earlier today I had a class which I taught with one senior lecturer. She used to be my lecturer when I did my bachelor degree. The class was supposedly started at 7.30 am with presentations by students. We waited until 7.50 am for one group member to come, because the group would use his computer to present their paper. During that waiting time, my lecturer told me that she missed the ‘old’ days of teaching – when students understand about manners and appreciate time well.

If I reviewed back on my study days in Australia, I pictured the efforts of doing it. Above is the picture of my table in my room – and yes, I love Sirius Black so much! I spent the days at the library, reading journals, looking for references, meeting with my supervisor or discussion with my classmates. I saw my classmates were doing the same things as well. We did our best to use our time effectively and respected the process by not being late. The relationship with supervisors was casual and not being differentiated by caste, but – you could sense that we respected each other very well.

I hope we – as lecturers – can spread the positive seeds of studying and the ethic of being a learner. It is not about getting good marks per se, but how to learn with all efforts that you have.

Have a good day!

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