Day 67: I am Back on Heels



Yes! I am back on heels today!

I used to wear high heels to work – except when I have to travel. I love my light brown 10-cm heels so much! But after  I got pregnant and followed with miscarriage, I decided to walk on flat shoes. It’s been two months now and somehow, I feel the urge to back on my heels. So, this morning, during a seminar to parents on parenting, I decided to back on heels. Just after I put on the shoes and took the first walk, it boosted my confident. I felt alive and back to the old me. I hope you don’t find it too dramatic.

I stood up for an hour, delivering my talk and it went well. Thanks be to God (and my heels!). It is good to be back to work and my activities. Make a phone call to my travel agent and book the accommodation for my work feels natural to me and something that I have been waiting to do for the past half year.

For all of you out there who love high heels, I believe you can feel how I feel. Have a good day!

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