Day 68: Attachment Issues with Mother

Me and my gorgeous Mom


I am a blessed daughter for having my Mom in my life. I have a plan to write this kind of post as a dedication to my Mom on Mother’s Day, but something happened this morning, and I decided to to do it today.

This morning I went to a Sunday Mass with my husband and we sat behind a small family – parents, their daughter and a nanny. What I found interesting was the pattern of affection from and toward the daughter. She did not even come closer to her mom nor hug her. The mother tried few times to hold her, but she made ways to let herself go. This little girl came closer to her dad, but he was being dismissive. She asked her dad to sing, but he didn’t make any move. She hugged him from the back, but then he did not react. Every now and then this little girl would come to her nanny and sit on her lap or hugged her.

I could not help myself but saying grace to God for giving me my Mom. I could recall very well the moments when I was young – how she would wake me up every morning by hugging me and being very patient. Sometimes, I would close my eyes longer to keep her on my side longer. Sometimes, I would tell my teacher that I was sick, so I could have my Mom home from our family store. Now, being a wife myself, I started to understand how hard it is for her – to stand alone all day for my Dad and her children (me and my twin brothers).

I did not know what was the trigger for me to write this post, more than being grateful for the best blessing in my life, my Mom.

Have a good day!

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