Day 69: What Did My Priest Told Me Yesterday

St Joseph's Church Subiaco, Westen Australia


I am still writing a post from Sunday Mass yesterday morning. Beside the ‘observation’ I did with the little girl and her family, I also want to write about what the priest told me – well, all of us – just before the mass ended.

Yesterday was the first Sunday on Lent period. During this moment of Lent, all of us are expected to welcome Easter by doing penance, sacrifice and prayer. One small thing that we can do is by coming to mass on time – which means, before the opening song is started. I have to admit that I still come to mass late, sometimes – and clearly I am not proud of it. Husband and I are doing better preparation for ourselves and not being late (ever) again.

Back to the topic, just before the mass was ended, the priest gave us a gentle reminder, at first. He said that he does not care if people talk behind his back about the length of the mass (60 to 90 minutes, max) and how hard it is for them to spend that minutes once a week for God. But he would be disappointed as our shepherd if we abandon God – by coming late or complaining about the long mass. He finally said, if we think the mass is too long, then DO NOT COME for mass. I was in awe for his boldness to say that! Honestly, I was telling my husband, “Yeah,  I love this priest and his honesty!” – I wish I could scream!

I believe he did not mean his word literally, but more as a message for us to come for mass wholeheartedly. By coming to mass, only once a week, we are expected to give our heart and attention only to God. Some churches have no choice but by jamming the signal, so there is no one can receive phone calls or text during mass. It should be our own awareness of not touching our gadgets, but then, we project our responsibility to the church. We let them no choice, but by jamming the signal.

I won’t rant. I wish you have a good start of the week with God’s blessings.

Have a good day!

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