Day 70: I am Pretty!

Photos of me

Today, one of my university student made me feel happy!

I was sharing a case shortly, as part of the lecture today. It was about a beautiful 35-year-old woman who has low self-acceptance and did certain behaviors to make sure that she was fine, before she stepped out of the house. I described her physical appearance as pretty and her body fits her well – not obese nor too thin. Suddenly, one of my student shouted, “That looks like you – beautiful and fit!” Everyone was clapping afterward. I was slightly blushing – yeah, I could feel the heat on my face, but appreciation for her honesty was given.

After the class was ended, she came and talked to me about her group’s project. Once again, she told me that I am pretty and if she were a boy, she would make me her partner (I wish my husband reads this!). I was flattered, once again – because this morning I just think to myself that I look not so pretty, fat and need some serious diet! But then, look on how others see me. Then I told her, that the most important thing is to feel comfortable with your own skin and quit comparing yourself to others.

Are you feeling pretty today?

Have a good day!

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