Day 71: Grandma’s Call

My family on Dad's birthday 2011

When I was on my way to work yesterday, my Grandma suddenly called me. She asked if she could talk to me quickly – and I said Yes! Who does not have time for a 84-year-old lovely Grandma?

She was asking me if I am pregnant at the moment, and when I said No, she told me to listen to her. She just remembered one relative of hers who have a disabled child – my guess from Grandma’s story is neurodevelopmental problem, in which this child could not move himself, no reflect movements whatsoever. The cause of that condition was because his mother consumed a lot of Chinese food cooked with traditional wine. It is part of tradition to drink Chinese wine for health, but then it might cause birth defects when a pregnant mother consumes it. My Grandma repeated her warning for several times and asked me to remember her message clearly when I get pregnant again.

I was smiling to myself. I was loved! And her reminder was her way to show her attention to me. I love you too, Grandma!

Have a good day!

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