Day 72: The Hunch

An eagle soars in the sky of Banjarmasin, West Borneo


For the past few days I have spent some times to read through my students’ assignments on their stories about well-being. Many of their stories started years ago when they were young. But for most of them, they had the hunch – before the negative incidents happened. They might not understand the hunch at first, but they could sense that something was not right.

I am not a supernatural person, therefore I never bother to go to palm readers or some reading-my-future event. But, I believe in my feeling – my hunch. Sometimes when I see people, I could sense that something might out of line, but I would never know why before we interact further. One good friend told me once, “If you have 1% of uncertainty feeling toward someone that you date or about to marry, soon that 1% will be 100%”.

I could not agree more! Just like an Eagle, we are equipped with such hunch feelings to protect us from dangers or being hurt by others. God installed it for us all. We are allowed to believe in it. Of course, add some wholeheartedly prayers too.

Have a good day!

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