Day 74: Too Much of Me Time



Few days ago I met my colleague and he showed me one BlackBerry Message about the weakness of each zodiac sign. For mine, Capricorn, my weakness is ‘enjoying too much of me time”. Whoa! That’s correct.

I am a kind of person who needs a me-time everyday. It does not have to be a luxurious me-time. 15-20 minutes each night to myself, drinking a huge cup of hot tea, reading a good book or watching DVD of my choice. Doing that and I am a happy chick. Missed that, and I need to control my mood.

People may see that as my weakness, but for me that is a pleasure. Me-time or solitude moment does not mean that I am alone or lonely. During that moment, I could let myself be free in my imagination, I could grief over past mistakes, I could deal with uneasiness quietly and pray. Sometimes, in that moment of quietness, I can listen to my inner voice – because at busy time, no one can listen clearly to that pure voice.

Have a good weekend!

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