Day 77: Back to Reality of My Dream

Dare to dream big


I have a dream book. Yes, I wrote my dreams there and turn them into reality. Not all of them yet, which is good – because it means that I will keep on building my dreams. If I am done with my dreams, I am done with life.

Paulo Coelho – one of my favorite authors – wrote: “Dreams can’t be tamed, Dreamers can’t be ruled”. I agree with him! We can live a life of our dreams – with enough efforts and a lot of prayers for sure. Tomorrow I am flying to another island in Indonesia, named Nusa Tenggara. I will stay for 4 nights in Kupang, the capital of Nusa Tenggara Timur. It is a business trip, but I won’t let myself down – I will also go for some sightseeing. My hotel is facing the beach – so I know where I will have my breakfast! It has been a while since the last business trip – around August 2013 (that long!).

I am glad that I am back to the reality of my dream. I told my mom one day that I wanted to have work, where I could travel around for free. I keep that dream alive within me and now, it is a reality for me. I am praying for more cities and countries to travel to and that will be a reality soon.

Have a good day!

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