Day 82: Freud and The Sunset


I write this post at 0202am – just after a long chat with my best friend. I am still in Kupang for work and she is here for an exhibition as well. Tonight is the last evening for us to meet – and we maximized it. We talked, cried, hugged and by doing so, we reassured if our friendship in a deeper sense.

As we talked, we hit the topic of Freud. Both of us graduated from psychology faculty – but my best friend now is a make-up artist. A good one. That doesn’t make her forget of her root. We agreed that the instinct inside each of us will radiates through our actions. We may not be conscious about that instinctual drive – but it will be reflected through our behavior.

Just like the sunset. The color of the sun radiates through the layers of skies and the sea. That reflection tells a lot than the sun itself.

Time to go to bed now.
Have a good day

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