Day 84: Closure


I have been writing a lot about sunset for the past few days. And I’m going to add another one today. The photo above is Cottesloe Beach in Perth, Western Australia.

Sunset is a symbol of closure – the end of the day. We know that by the setting of the sun, our day is done and we can go home to our loved ones. Last night, the government of Malaysia finally put a closure – somehow – to the search of a Malaysia Airlines plane MH 370. After long days of painful and unbearable waiting, certainty seems to arise.

We will have to wait a little longer for the search of the black box and by then, closure is at the end of the log road. One good friend told me yesterday that he knows someone who waits for her beloved family member from MH 370. Hopefully, she will find closure soon.

The end of bad relationship. The last dot of every novel. The closed gate behind every track. Those are our closures. It may seems painful at time, but it is better to have a closure – than having our hope hanging on a tiny rope.

Have a good day!

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