Day 86: We All Deserve Companionship


I just re-watch one episode of Blue Bloods season 3. For you who watch you know how close tight the bond between the Reagans. And in this particular episode, Frank was against his Pop decision to drive his own car. Pop has reached his limit to drive alone, especially after he hit a lot of garage doors or other cars.

At the end of the story, both of them hugged and forgive each other. I was in tears – honestly.

I believe each and everyone of us deserves such a warm and honest companionship from others. They can be your family by bloods, or family by bonds. The most important thing is the feeling of being loved and accepted.

PS: this post is dedicated for those people out there who feel all alone. I met two of them within this past few days. And I’m being grateful for what I have in store.

Have a good day!

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