Day 87: I am A Divergent


Yep! Decided to watch Divergent movie earlier today by myself. Thanks to my best friend who suggested me to watch the movie. He believed that the movie will re-energize me as a person and help me to understand more on our younger clients. He was right!

Tris, the main character in the movie, was a divergent – a kind of person who have all the 5 traits of humanity and won’t be fit into a single categorical per se. She’s a determined, alive and persevere young lady in reaching her dreams. She may choose different path than her parents. But, the love of her parents (and mine too!) was beyond logic. They still love and support her – no matter what decision that she has regarding her life.

Another important message for me was a realization of how hard it is to be fit into a fixed pattern provided by the society. The soul of human being won’t be captured and locked – because the nature of our soul is free.

I am who I am today because the support and the love from my parents. They give their best to protect me, but at the same time, they let me explore and find my own path. For that, I can’t thank them enough! Love you, Mom & Dad.

Have a good day!

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