Day 91: The Sum Up of 17 Years


Any relationships should be able to get thru any seasons – hypothetically. But there are a lot of relationships that end prematurely – mostly because they were started with the wrong reasons. Lies, deception, self-beneficial purpose and many more.

What if a relationship is based on trust, openness, care and love? The answer is me and my best friend. We met 17 years ago in high school and stick still up til today. I met her again two weeks ago on my trip to Kupang – when she was also at the same city for her business trip. Well, there’s no such thing as a coincidence, because God has planned it. Since day one, we were meant to complete each other. Even though we are living at different place and having our own life, the connection is still there. Don’t you ever doubt her sense of friendship – she could sniff me from afar! She will know if something wrong is happening to me. Yep, that bond!

I hope all of you have the privilege to enjoy such a deep friendship with your best friends. They worth all the fights – for they will stand by yourself.

Have a good day!

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