Day 92: Unplugged


Yes, today I was unplugged. My android phone was in need for a break – so I left her at the service centre. Due to virus which cause the system crashed, I couldn’t turn on my phone for more than 1 minute before she restarted herself. I has to let go off more than 500 photos and numbers of apps (I’m more find with the photos though).

After I dropped my phone, I made a vow to myself: that I have to maximize this day to do things that I have been forgotten in a while. So I made my way to daily mass with my colleague and spent time to talk and laugh like crazy with other colleagues. It was fun! And relaxing.

I guess we lose our humanity these days because we are more into our devices. We don’t really chat without chat room and we don’t really hang out without hangout apps. Sad, I believe.

Well, this is the end of the day and I’ve for my phone back to update my blog today. I’m happy to be unplugged for a day – even though I have to let go all of my photos 

Have a good day!

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