Day 94: Porridge for Dinner


For dinner tonight, I cooked fish and mushroom porridge. I was afraid at first, because I never cooked the menu before and I thought it would be difficult. But then, after 1.5 hours, voila! The porridge was there in a bowl and tasted good – surprisingly!

I used to buy food or wait for holidays at my hometown to enjoy my mom’s food. She is the best cook in the world for me! But then, one good friend of mine told me that cooking is therapeutic. Yeah, right!

But I did his suggestion. I learned how to cook with an assistant of my Aunt – I used to stay at her place for a few years. Burned, too salty, tasteless or simply thrown to the bin. It was all my experiences in cooking. I couldn’t find the therapeutic sense of cooking. Until one day, my Mom told me that cooking is not hard – as long as we are confidence enough to mix the correct ingredients and believe in what we are doing. And yes, I can cook now!

I’m happy in preparing food for my husband – I even cook for my big family. I put away the tense of being compared to my mom’s food. But hey, who cares! As long as I’m doing my best and enjoying the process – I can cook well. I was so happy when my 1-year-old nephew enjoyed his bowl of rice vermicelli that I cooked. That was a real happiness booster!

Have a good day!
*while I enjoy my porridge.

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