Day 96: From Cradle to The Grave


Today is one of those special days for Chinese people. We called these days as “Ceng Beng” – a moment to visit the final place of rest of our family members. Usually the period of visiting and praying is 2 weeks. Today we went to Kenjeran Temple – next to the beach, in which we pray for the peaceful rest for my father-in-law. He was cremated and his ashes were spread in this area. The photo above is showing the flower petals that we spread around. For Buddhist people, they still stick into certain customs of praying for the death.


All around Kenjeran Temple, we can see number of statues of Buddhist gods and goddess. A lot of people pray for a good life through those gods and goddess. For me personally, the trip to the temple is a new experience. With respect to the believers, I love the history behind every god and goddess, especially the legend of 3 kings. My favorite god is Guan Yu – the one holds a heavy weapon in the picture above.


Beside the legend of 3 kings, I also grew up with the story of Guan Yin goddess. I remember the old days of watching the movie with my Grandma.

Ah, a good way to spend my day. May all the passed away have a peaceful rest in the arms of God.
Hope you all have a good Sunday evening.

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