Day 98: Stripped Life


I just watched the Oscar-winning movie, 12 Years A Slave – and I was truly speechless. The story and the characters blew me away. It wasn’t about the quality of their acting (they were all amazing), but the painful truth in the story – of how mankind can be so cruel and stripped others out of their lives.

Solomon Northup was the main character in the story – and he was a survivor from slavery in the US back in 1841. The way the so-called masters treat their ‘property’ was beyond words. Once mistake equals with 50-100 hits on their body. A slight message of disobedience will bring death for them. No free will. No opportunities. No space for privacy. No lives.

Those who can live throughout the years of slavery were the special ones. In my personal eyes, they were the unlucky ones. In their position, death seems to be a better choice. But then, even death doesn’t always on their side either.

I’m more than grateful to be able to stand firmly on this ground. I can make choices and I’m able to decide bases on logic consideration. My rights are known and respected (for most of the time). Beside the extremist who promote hatred and separation, I could live my life with a lot of people of different colors happily.

Even though slavery is no longer here with us today, does not mean we have no other forms of slavery. Some people lose their rights and privacy because others – who are older, senior or richer – took it from them. Some others have to go with the ‘flow’ and gone with the wave.

I hope you all have a good life and pray for those whose life have been stripped.

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