Day 99: Conversation with The General


Last night I made a safe drive back to my hometown. The main reason was to be part of a National election today. My name is still registered in the previous address – of my parent’s house. But, I also had many other additional reasons – missing my parents and my two pumpkins (niece and nephew).

I made it home just before dinner time. After a lot of kissing and hugging with my two pumpkins, my parents and I then heading for dinner. We talked about the election and many other things.

Then my Dad asked me about my job. Only a few people would ask me this kind of question – because the answers would be uneasy for some. My husband nicknamed my father as ‘The General’ because of his loud voice and moustache. And I have to agree – because I am now having the same stubbornness and the need to analyze everything.

My dad asked me of how I handle my work and the kind of cases that I have daily. Then he told me to always remember to build the barrier between my professional life and my personal life. He reminded me not to bear client’s burdens as mine. Even though I already know that theory (and do so), it is always nice to have such a kind reminder – out of love.

I love you, General!

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