Day 100: The Younger Me


Today is the 100th day of my project – which means that I am one-third of my whole journey (plus 65 days). And to celebrate my happiness, I would like to share on what my best friend and I discussed earlier today.

While I was at the campus to discuss a project with my students, I’ve got a text message from my best friend. He asked me: “If you could write a letter to the younger you, what will you write?”

Took me a while before I typed my reply. My answer: “Work smarter, achieve higher and travel mooooooore”. It was an honest answer. And that is just me. Likewise, my friend’s answer was really him.

Sometimes, I wish I could really turn back the time – so I could work smarter and achieve higher, which will enable me to travel abroad for free. I also wish to live my life lightly – just like Po from Kungfu Panda did! It doesn’t mean that Po is such a shallow person, because he simply not. He knows what he wants and he gives the impossible a kick in the butt.

I wish I knew all those things when I was younger. But hey, I am still young (at heart)! I still can build my dreams and achieve them with big enthusiasm. I guess, I have to write a thank you note for the younger me too – for all the lessons learned.

Have a good day!

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