Day 103: Sunday Palm and Our Attitude


Today is the 33rd celebration of Sunday Palm for my whole life. But for some reasons, this morning I felt uneasy. The mass was started by visualization of the journey of Jesus as He entered Jerusalem 2000 years ago. The people who cheered Him as the King on Sunday Palm were also the same people who brought Him to death.

As the priest walked (we didn’t have any available donkey), we were lifting our palms and cheered him. But as I lifted my hand, something hit me. It was the realization of my own attitude toward God and others. How easy it is for me to switch attitude from loving God and others – to hatred and disloyalty. How easy it is for me to praise Him in good times and then throw my anger toward Him for my difficulties in life.

I’m grateful for being called a King’s daughter. I’m grateful to have a King as my Father, saviour, best friend, solid rock and as my lover. I know for sure that I’m loved – even though I frequently cheated on His love toward me.

Have a good Sunday Palm and be blessed.

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