Day 104: Dare Enough?


I just opened the last bottle of my Vegemite collection. And I don’t feel happy – knowing that my stock will run out pretty soon.

For you who don’t know Vegemite, it is an Australian product. The taste is special (not to say weird) and for some reasons, I’m so into it. My family and friends usually got mixed with its dark color – which made them thought it was chocolate spread. And they just got punked!

Almost every morning I consume Vegemite (with Peanut butter) as the spread for my toast. And the reason I like to do that every morning is because it reminds me to always be bold enough, brave enough and dare to go through the day – even some strange occasions may happen along the way.

I may sound cheesy here, but Cheesy Vegemite is surely taste good!

G’day, mate!

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